PR & Influencer relations

Thoughtful creativity, fuelled by audience insights, knowledge, learning and listening lies at the heart of all that we do. We never assume, instead we aim to understand how to connect our clients’ messages to the right and most responsive audiences, enabling us to deliver relevant, authentic, engaging and commercially successful campaigns.

Media relations

With ex journalists on the team keeping it real, we’re constantly creating new hooks and responding to opportunities when it comes to getting our client brands, products and services in front of journalists. Our internal media mornings use old school reading the papers to understand what the journalists like and are looking for. We take time to understand journalists and achieve great coverage for our clients. We always remember to say thank you when coverage appears as we appreciate the support of our media colleagues.

Influencer relations

We constantly research and refresh our database of Influencers, basing our choices on who we believe is best for the brand, product or service, based on the strength of their following (not just numbers, more about audience engagement) and the relevance to their audience. We take time to get to know the Influencer before beginning the negotiation process. We always have Influencers at the ready and have a strong, well-maintained relationship with them, built on respect, honesty and consideration from both the Influencer and Client sides.

Press office

This covers all the essentials for a responsive, on it, well run press office.

  • Press releases
  • Articles
  • Feature placement
  • Opinion pieces
  • Industry commentary
  • Thought leadership
  • Imagery
  • Surveys
  • Product placement
  • Call-ins
  • Response source
  • Creative engagement
  • Deskside briefings
  • Media events
  • Coverage monitoring and evaluation

Proactive PR

We focus on engaging messaging for our Client brands, products and services we represent. We concentrate on understanding what the audiences need to learn and hear from our clients. Whether it is for B2B or B2C, we remember that essentially, we are humans communicating to humans. Being a highly proficient writer is a requisite at Nobull and our ability to represent the tone, personality and culture of our clients in everything we write on their behalf is an important element of our PR approach.

Reputation management incorporating crisis comms

We offer a 24/7 service when required to manage adverse incidents.

We develop internal and external comms strategies and approaches. We work closely with customer service teams to crisis manage and minimise damage to a brand.

Our first objective is to turn a negative into a positive where possible, with the secondary aim of keeping it out of the press and taking it offline for social media.

We have many years of experience in crisis comms across many sectors: rail operators, airlines, holiday parks, car hire companies, automotive manufacturers and travel insurance companies. The senior team are experienced in the sensitive handling of death and serious injury. The healthcare team are PV trained for monitoring and managing adverse reactions in pharmaceutical sectors.

We have a simple yet highly effective process and protocol in place to handle all level of negative or adverse situations.


We have a strong track record of researching and writing winning B2B award entries for our clients spanning 19 years. We source relevant awards, review entry criteria, complete the submissions and take care of the entire process.

If the award is for public, or peer-to-peer voting, we incorporate a plan to ‘warm up’ the audience and encourage votes across all channels, particularly social media, plus internal and partner comms.