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Harness the power of influential bloggers with Nobull

Blogs are one of the key sources modern consumers turn to before making purchasing decisions. In a digital world, blogging is now the new “word of mouth” and can heavily influence what they buy. Research from BlogHer has shown that 81% of the online population trusts information and advice they get from bloggers and that 61% have made a purchase based on a blogger’s recommendation.

Nobull’s comprehensive blogger relations approach will help raise awareness of your products and brand.

Drawing on Nobull’s diverse mix of individuals, we know where to reach your customers, targeting them through what they care about most. Whether that’s sport, parenting, fashion, travel or special interest, we have existing blogger relationships in all of these areas and more.

These relationships are all earned. There are no advertising fees. Best of all, bloggers are waiting to review and shout about your products.

Knowing which of the millions of blogs to connect with and influence your target audience is the key to unlocking the full potential of your market. Building relationships with key bloggers is now as important as maintaining relationships with journalists.

That’s where Nobull Communications comes in with its ever growing blogger database that is constantly being refreshed; we regularly speak and meet with some the most influential bloggers in the UK and will team you with the right blogger to reach your audience.

Stand out with our Blogger Relations

Our approach is proven, measurable and transparent – you can and will see results. We aim to start a chain reaction around the web resulting in more people talking about your brand and searching for your products.

We go far beyond traditional outlets; we dig deep and really get under the skin of our bloggers. Many think it’s just a numbers game, with a large audience creating a big impact. But just as a flower needs the right mix of water, light and nutrients to blossom, we match the best, real life environments with your product, revealing them to a relevant audience in an authentic, genuine way.

Whether you have a product in the range that is more like an elephant in the room, are looking to reach an untapped demographic, or need help influencing your audience, we are here to help.

Bloggers are not B2B, B2C or even M2M, they’re personal

By working closely with bloggers, they can become your brand ambassadors, sharing what is best about your brand. Rather than targeting consumers through traditional marketing campaigns, bloggers - who are perceived as ‘regular, everyday people’ – can share your messages through an honest, trusted medium with a much more authentic influence. In a world of abbreviations, this is more than human-to-human (H2H) marketing; bloggers have the power to reach and influence your target audience who trust them for honest, truthful advice. When it comes to big purchases, such as cars, it is claimed over 80% of buyers study models and pricing before going to a dealer according to research from Mashable. Around half have already made their decision before even reaching the showroom*.

Blogs are one of the key influencers of these decisions that many readers trust. Reaching buyers at an early stage is more important now than ever. Do it with Nobull, today.

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