My first week at Nobull by Tyler

Hopping ‘the fence’ from journalism to PR was an exciting prospect full of fresh opportunities.

As human beings, we can all get a little too comfortable doing the same thing. We’re preprogrammed to cling on to the familiar, but sometimes we have to seek change to find our next big challenges in life. That’s exactly what I did after 11 years as a motoring journalist, and Nobull has proven to be such a welcoming launchpad for my future career.

Why Nobull? I have lived and breathed the automotive industry since the tender age of 18 and I adore it. This space is full of intrigue, innovation, inspiration, fascinating people, and an abundance of stories to be told.

In the past, I’ve worked with Autosport rediscovering the origins of AMG, or there was a time when I put the legendary Lamborghini LM002 up against its modern counterpart via the Italian Alps for an AutoClassics feature. I love delving into the technical elements of a story and highlighting the people behind the headlines to deliver readers an intriguing perspective. Becoming a Lamborghini test driver for the day, I was teamed with engineers to help develop the Huracan STO supercar – a privileged opportunity that opened the door to a typically secret world of camouflaged cars.

As impressive and headline-grabbing as the latest supercars or historic classics are, I’ve always maintained that it’s the workhorses on most of our driveways that are critically important. These vehicles ferry our children, facilitate our commutes, and are relied upon at the drop of a hat. There’s more choice out there than ever, so ensuring a reader or viewer has everything they need to make an informed decision is a responsibility of great importance to me.

Nobull’s portfolio of high-profile automotive clients was a magnetic attraction when looking for my first step into PR.

People are very important in any business, and so the warm welcome I got from the lovely team at Nobull confirmed to me that this would quickly become a place I loved to work. Moreover, how the business clearly cares for its employees makes you feel valued amongst the team.

There has been a lot to learn in my first week, ranging from gaining key knowledge about clients to understanding various content collation tasks. Thanks to the whole team offering support - my desk buddy in particular -things are making sense.

I’m excited to work with such a broad range of clients on interesting new projects as part of the Nobull team. We rarely know the destination waiting on the road ahead, but the journey is set to be fascinating