The Scoop International Fashion Show

The Scoop International Fashion Show

Amy and I, being the keen fashionistas that we are, got the opportunity to go to The Scoop International Fashion Show at the Saatchi Gallery. This meant three peak time trains into the big smoke which was eventful as we couldn’t work out the difference between Edgware Road and Edgware Station, which is highly confusing to two bleary eyed millennials.

When we arrived we were completely in our element! Once we were given official looking badges (you can only imagine how important we felt), we progressed through the wilderness of clothes, shoes and jewellery (like two kids in a sweet shop), and there was so much to see.

As we walked round we were inspired by the stunning designs and we already began creating our autumn/winter wardrobes. From sparkly sliders to dainty jewellery by Kristin Ash we were like children in a sweet shop!

One of the brands that instantly caught our eye was Woden, a trainer brand from Denmark which has recently began retailing in the UK. The trainers are made of natural materials such as leather and cork, which you can imagine make the comfiest fitting trainers! I fell in love on the spot. I mean, if I’d have had my card on me I would have bought a pair for myself without batting an eyelid!

We left Scoop with our brains bursting with new looks to showcase on our Instagram feed! We had such an exciting and inspiring day and are grateful for the opportunity, we will definitely be going again!