The Password Problem

Facebook Login makes it easier to access websitesby Alicia Holbrook

Yesterday I had to remember at least 10 passwords - my work computer login, personal email (to reset the passwords I had forgotten), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Ocado, Pinterest, bank and debit card pin number. On top of that I have to constantly sign in and out of google plus a huge number of social media platforms to manage client accounts. And I am utterly useless at remembering passwords.

Over the past few months Facebook sign-in makes my hectic life less complicated. From ordering groceries to booking a holiday Facebook login is becoming an increasingly popular method of accessing password protected sites. But make sure that the login page opens a separate browser pop-up window which contains the official domain. This will ensure it’s not a phishing attempt.

I know it’s painful but it is good practice to change your password regularly to protect you from any attacks such as heartbleed. The headache of recovering from a hacking attack is far less painful than remembering another password.

To encourage more websites to adopt the fast and convenient Facebook login system, the developer has made some changes to the login procedure designed to give users more control over what they can share. Facebook discovered that people want more control over sharing their personal information. The new login lets people select the information that want to share with the app such as their friend list, email address and likes. It is also possible to login in anonymously which means that none of your information will be shared.

If you want to go pro at password management there are several password mamangement tools out there including Password Box and RoboForm. The passwords aren't stored on their servers so you won't have to worry about third party security just make sure you don't forget the password.


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