The Nobull team enjoy a tasty quiz!

We do enjoy a good a good old shindig here at Nobull, any excuse for a gin and tonic (or 12) and some glorious tasting food, and we’re there!

We have recently welcomed three new wonderful employees to our team and we felt it was time to wet their heads and give them a taste of what a Nobull night out entails. Our destination of choice was the newly opened Thai restaurant, The Giggling Squid, in Marlow. The low ceilings and storybook menus give the restaurant an intimate laid back vibe and the food, although the heat may blow your head off, was divine!

Simon Branney, being the know it all that he is, wanted to test the knowledge of Nobull team and requested everyone came up with two pub quiz style questions to answered by all at the dinner table. The quiz went down tremendously and being the overly competitive, ruthless team that we are there was to be no cheating and most certainly no copying! Quiz master Simon was victorious however, there were some very close runners up. We think it was a pretty tough quiz, why don’t you try your luck at the questions as see just how well you do!

  1. What is the population of Wooburn Green?
  2. What is the Nobull fax number?
  3. Name Henry VIIIs third wife
  4. What does a campanologist do
  5. Which band was named after the Vulcan Elder in Star Trek?
  6. What is the capital of Venezuela?
  7. Which City is furthest west – Liverpool or Bristol?
  8. Who is the UK’s longest reigning monarch?
  9. Which letter is represented in Morse code by three dots?
  10. Of what is gynophobia an irrational fear of?
  11. Which landmark can you see from space?
  12. How many countries are there in the UK?
  13. Who designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?
  14. What is androphobia the fear of?
  15. What is the total age of the Nobull staff when added together?
  16. Which country has the most waterfalls in the world?
  17. Who played James Bond in Her majesty's secret service?

It’s safe to safe the Nobull team had a right giggle and would strongly recommend a visit The Giggling Squid. Once you’ve had a go at the Nobull quiz questions (no google allowed!) let us know how well you  have done - @nobullcomms!

By Olivia Sealy