The Best-Laid Plans Oft Go Astray

The Best-Laid Plans Oft Go Astray

Hard to believe it’s almost the end of January already, isn’t it? Certainly in the world of PR, time never stands still. Being honest here, I’ve still got to sort my 2015 New Year resolutions! But this rapid pace of time has more than one implication for me; in just three months’ time, I’ll be tying the knot.

It’s been a long time coming to be honest. Last weekend saw the second anniversary of our engagement. Wedding plans (and saving) have been present ever since. But since Christmas, the whole thing has soared from a mild simmer to boiling point. Luckily plans are coming together nicely, and our engagement anniversary was spent at the wedding venue.

Over the last two years, there has been no end of decisions. From simply finding suppliers to choosing options of colour, style, fabric and taste, everything has been considered with respect to the other elements. It’s a lot like planning a PR campaign or event; you know what the end goal is but bringing the stars into alignment is a constant challenge.

Last weekend saw the first real benefit of all this hard work. After a full run through with the coordinator, it was finally time for our menu tasting. And it was joyous. Starting with canapés and champagne, I knew the night was going to be a good one. Confirmed moments later when our host brought us into an empty restaurant with the addition; “Come, we have much wine for you to taste”.


Two hours, five courses and countless glasses of wine later, we’d more or less come to our decision on food. It doesn’t sound like much, but this one meal is costing more than three grand (£3,000). Or, to put it another way, more than half a year’s worth of saving. Golly.

It wasn’t all plain sailing however; the following morning, we were due to meet one of our suppliers first thing. Suffering from illness, they cancelled on us with just half an hour to go. This did more than annoy – it had a catastrophic effect on our confidence with them to the point we started looking at alternatives.

If anything, this goes to show how quickly the trust others place in you can be shaken. Big events, which may be run of the mill to you, can be the biggest thing in the calendar for others. After two years of planning, organising and saving, we are by no means about to ‘hope for the best’.

Luckily, the supplier has since been in contact and bought back some confidence with us, re-arranging the appointment. But as our venue is over 100 miles away, simply popping out to meet with suppliers is not an option. Should this second meeting also fall through, there’ll be just enough time to find a replacement.

And there lies a valuable piece of advice; no matter how much trust you place in someone, always allow time for an alternative. Whether it’s a wedding, a campaign or event, failing to do so can result in avoidable issues and stress, and even ruin the whole event. And for anyone providing services, always be honest with your clients and give them plenty of warning. Last minute changes will, at the very least, affect the confidence they have in you.

Some things are unavoidable, yes, but how you deal with them is directly related to the final outcome – for you, your suppliers and/or your clients. You’ve been warned…