Team Bonding just got messy

Nobull creates unique artwork with Connect2ColourBy Anne-marie Payne

If like me over time you’ve been involved in a variety of different team building events you may be a bit ‘teamed’ out! I’ve tried crawling through mud and trying to climb 10 foot tall walls (not easy when you are 5’3, although the men in uniform running the event were some consolation), to wine tasting (sounds better than it was as you weren’t allowed to drink the stuff). So when we came across the fabulous Sally and her genius concept, Connect2Colour, we were very excited. 

Sally has developed a uniquely creative way of encouraging team building by taking back to your childhood – painting, sticking and scattering all manner of sequins, beads and frippery to create a very personal piece of art. The concept is based on Sally’s outstanding work with severely autistic children in her former life, where she taught and set up the autism department at Penn School, creativity enabled them to communicate in a new way. Now I’m no Van Gogh, but with Sally’s guidance the resulting art for the Nobull office is just so us! We donned our aprons (Steve looked particularly fetching in his floral number), picked up our tubes of paint and got down to some serious art. 

It was fantastic and the Nobull team really went for it – it was interesting to witness the team dynamics coming to life around the canvas. The genius bit was in the preparation. Sally worked closely with long-standing ‘Nobullite’, Kally Carder, to find out as much as she could about the company, our values and our vibe.  This was for the ‘corporate’ piece.  She cleverly integrated our values: Inspiring Energy, Creative Expertise, Open Communication, Accountability, Partnership and Commercial Understanding into our painting. Based on our corporate livery of purple and silver, the finished item came alive once the 3D sparkly effect was added. Then came the real piece de resistance – our personal team picture. 

We had given Sally words and phrases that personified each member of the team, including favourite colours. This was worked into what has become my favourite piece of art! It was a fantastic way to spend the morning as it tuned into the heart of what we do: creativity. I highly recommend Connect2Colour to any company, school, family who want to have fun bonding. And you get a real talking point hanging on your wall! As a PR, social media and events company we aim to make sure that when people visit our office they absorb our culture and get to know who we are and what we are about.  I’m convinced that once they clock our art they will get a true picture of the amazing people that make up Nobull....I wonder whether they will be able to match the words to the individual....?

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