• Online Autofind portal will help SEAT dealers proactively manage their over age stock
  • It will help dealers balance the number of 24-36 month old cars with nearly new stock

SEAT UK is the latest manufacturer to appoint Autorola as its online remarketing partner to support its dealer network in selling over age stock and unwanted part exchanges.

Autorola and SEAT are in the process of rolling the Autofind service out to the 125-strong dealer network which currently sells around 33,000 used cars a year.

“We have a cross section of dealers who dedicate different amounts of time and resource to used cars,” explained David Ardern, SEAT UK’s used car manager.

“We believe Autofind will help all the dealers manage the challenge of selling over age stock to Autorola’s 2,000 active buyers, but the early signs are that some dealers are also using the service to buy stock to add to their used car forecourts,” he added.

SEAT UK is positive that dealers are buying used cars as they are being challenged with stocking old 24-36 month old cars in addition to the 12 month old stock they can buy directly from the car maker.

Dealers simply sign up to the Autorola service and then can immediately buy or sell vehicles on the Autofind online portal, which currently has over 14,000 used cars and vans for sale.

“We would like to welcome SEAT and its network to the world of online remarketing. It provides a quick, easy and effective way of proactively managing your used car stock and the nationwide network of our buyers base means there is a large amount of used cars being bought and sold through the portal every day,” explained Jon Mitchell, Autorola UK’s sales director.