Raymond Blanc’s new gaff in Bucks

Raymond Blanc’s new gaff in Bucks

In spring this year Raymond Blanc’s chain of delicious yet affordable French brasseries opened its newest restaurant in Beaconsfield, just 3 miles from Nobull Towers (and very conveniently just 500 yards from mine and @doublewoo’s humble abode.)

We struggled to hide our excitement at yet another culinary delight gracing our doorstep and turned up to Brasserie Blanc for lunch on opening day – coincidently we both had the day off work, not premeditated but it worked out very nicely all round.

From that glorious day in March to my Birthday dinner two weeks ago we’ve frequented this wonderful establishment more times than I can remember and have even booked Boxing Day lunch there for the entire family – you could say we are big fans!

But what makes it so fabulous I hear you cry? The bottom line is decent grub. We are partial to our fancy Michelin starred places and always will be, but Brasserie Blanc is one of those rare finds where the food they cook is simple yet spot on every time, with a massive dollop of brilliant service and an electric atmosphere whatever the occasion.

@AM_Payne and I have entertained clients there, Aaron and I have had boozy lunches and romantic dinners there, taken our folks there, had nights with friends there – it has a universal appeal but to top it all off is the value. All this fabulousness for a really affordable price!

The menu is seasonal but a few favourites stay put all year round. See below for my top tips.....

So next time you find yourself at a loose end in Beaconsfield give Brasserie Blanc a go and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Funnily enough the Nobull dream team of myself, @mimiblanksby and @AM_Payne are off there tonight with some lovely clients.....already loosening my waistband in anticipation. Yums!


Seasonal: The mussels in the saffron mouclade are fabulous – always fresh and delicious

Starter staple: the legendary cheese soufflé – wow. It needs no further words.

Rib eye steak is gorgeous, top tip: always opt for the Roquefort sauce

If going for fillet steak have dauphinoise potatoes as a side dish instead of fries, it is amazing!

The salmon fillet is divine and always cooked perfectly – a real treat

The snails – authentic French cuisine in the heart of Buckinghamshire – just delicious!