RA Awareness Week 2016

RA Awareness Week 2016

This year's theme is ‪#‎SpotlightOnRA. Keep an eye out this week for selfies from the team to raise awareness of a long term condition that affects 1% of the UK's population - that's 690,000 people!

Our client, The National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, is celebrating its 4th awareness week and we wanted to support it pro bono for the second year running.

It was important for us to create something visual and dynamic, to use in media relations and on social media and this is where the idea of a 'Spotlight' filming project was born.

With help from NRAS, we recruited people living with the disease as well as some wonderful NRAS employees and we created some honest and real films to portray the disease and raise awareness of the 'invisible' symptoms that the general public cannot recognise in RA patients. For example, it has been suggested that depression in rheumatoid arthritis is nearly three times that of the general population, yet it often goes undiagnosed!

Please do take a look at the videos here - https://www.youtube.com/user/NRASociety/

They provide some real honest and emotional insights into a long term condition that affects so many people in the UK.

Please support the week by donating at http://www.nras.org.uk/ra-awareness-week