Paws for thought

Paws for thought

As this blog goes live, we are two weeks into Covid-19 lockdown and the Nobull team has been working remotely from our various front rooms, kitchens and studies.

Social distancing is a challenge, as we’re all learning. But Nobull isolation has been brightened by the great work our client, Barking Heads, has been doing to help vulnerable pet owners affected by the current health crisis.

We’ve been supporting them as they partnered with Blue Cross to deliver 9,000 dog and cat food pouches to pet owners in need. Many of these, living in more rural or isolated geographical areas, are currently self-isolating because of age demographic or pre-existing health conditions.

In collaboration with The Trussell Trust, which supports a nationwide network of food banks, Blue Cross and Barking Heads organised emergency food deliveries in record time to people who really need them.

These emergency pet food drops are part of an ongoing Paws For Thought charity initiative from Barking Heads, which already works with several pet-related charities, including DOTS (Dogs On The Street), a volunteer run, not-for-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of dogs belonging to the UK’s homeless community. Nobull is super-proud to be an extended member of the BH team, promoting the invaluable contribution they make via social influencer and media relations.

Nobull loves dogs and cats (just ask Margot, our office pooch). But Barking Heads is a dog-obsessed! The business, built with absolute passion by a group of people who truly ‘get’ dog and cats, makes proper pet food, packed full of high-quality meat, fish and other natural ingredients.

Every day working with Barking Heads is a mood-booster. Now more than ever. It’s is a vibrant, fun, healthy, ethical brand that produces top notch food – no tricks, no hidden nasties.