Our Tim’s Bangernomics Blog: (Trying to) see red

Our Tim’s Bangernomics Blog: (Trying to) see red

You never appreciate something until it’s gone. Never a truer word than with window wipers. With the majority of journeys now done in the dark or rain (or a combination of both), a decent set of wipers are essential for staying on the black top.

I’d been proactive this year, using a combination of new aero-blades with half a bottle of Rain-X (before you ask, not a client but bloody brilliant stuff!) to keep the windows clean and clear. Smudge, however, had other ideas. The week after the clocks went back, the wiper motor packed up, reducing a smooth sweep in a juddering hell.

As you can imagine, I was furious. “Why now?” I bellowed on the way to work, with the wipers jumping around like a six year old on Christmas eve. A new wiper motor was ordered by 9:02am that Monday morning, ready for fitting the following weekend.

I made a bit of cock-up with the fitting mind. I say ‘I made’ but blame has to go to the instructions which helpfully left out the key step of lining up the wiper mechanism before attaching the motor. For three hours, I tried to work out why the wipers rose half way up the screen before smashing into the scuttle panel. The neighbours loved me that day.

With the help of numerous online forums, the new motor was eventually fitted. This then promptly followed its predecessor and gave up just three days later. Yet another replacement was sourced, along with a complete mechanism from the scrap yard. So far, we've had mostly clean, smooth sweeps.

Because, if it goes again, I won’t be sourcing another wiper motor, I’ll be sourcing another car!

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