One month in and our new Automotive Account Manager Tim hasn’t looked back

One month in and our new Automotive Account Manager Tim hasn’t looked back

Follow your heart, not your head. It’s an old cliché but one I firmly believe in. The head is rational; it can be persuaded by ideas, thoughts, offers and danger. It’s safe. And that’s why, when the offer to join Nobull came through about six weeks ago, I didn’t think about it.

Instead I asked my heart what I should do. The heart is a brilliant thing. Like the great engines that push the nose of every race car to victory, they are the soul of the being or object in which they exist. Never boring, they provide an uncompromised cocktail of mischief and wonder.

It had one answer. Go for it. The chance to combine a love of cars working with a great company like Nobull, well it had the same effect on my heart as the turbocharger on a Group B Audi Quattro.

Good job too. Having worked with numerous media companies, including local radio stations, the BBC and numerous automotive publications, and press offices of Ferrari North Europe and JATO Dynamics, I’m accustomed to the pace of this life. Working agency side is almost like having all of these previous roles squeezed into one day. Safe to say the time never drags!

Walking into the office three weeks ago, I remember on the desk laid a mobile and laptop (already on with 200+ emails), a full leaver arch folder with ‘NoBible’ on the spine and two pages full of size eight copy with the heading ‘Induction ’. Crikey.

The fact I haven’t looked back over the last month until now says everything. But I do remember a few distinct things from those first few days.

I remember the first drive in. It was – and still is – wonderful, taking in some of the best roads between Berks and Bucks. With the sun rising or setting, it’s more like driving through an oil painting than the daily commute.

The pace of this agency is immense. Everyone is on it. It’s electrifying, addictive and inspiring. There is always pressure, but then an agency without it wouldn’t be in business for long.

And finally, the people and the music. Like the best combinations in life – gin & tonic, scones & cream, sun & sand – there is something magical that transforms each to an end result far greater than their individual characteristics. I remember that first song – Reflex by Duran Duran – and knew I’d made the right choice. The office Spotify is always on and the daily mix would put even the best radio stations to shame.

Drafting the post is the first time I have looked back since that first day. Nobull is a fantastically infectious place to work at and with. If you were to take anything from this post, I’d like to think you’d take these: fly by the seat of your pants, it’s far more enjoyable; DO stop by and say ‘Hi’, the kettle really is always on; and finally, my contact details. Call, text, tweet or email anytime:

07990 823753 / @Our_Tim /