Did you see last week’s news about McDonald’s not-so-eco-friendly paper straws? If you did, we bet it caused a massive eye roll, because it certainly did in the Nobull office.

Having worked with sustainable and environmentally friendly brands and seen many of our clients re-formulate their products to be vegan-friendly and more sustainable, Nobull has seen first hand the growing demand for eco-friendly products. That are ACTUALLY eco-friendly.

Take TINCTURE for example, a toxin-free range of sustainable cleaning products made from botanical oils. Although all TINCTURE packaging was already either biodegradable or fully recyclable, the brand was committed to the preservation of the environment and oceans and the reduction of its own plastic output, we even launched ultra planet friendly glass bottle refills.

During this time, we identified key media and influencers and the fast-growing media trends of vegan and natural home products, which saw us introduce TINCTURE to key target audience publications. In little under one year we saw the range feature in Woman and Home, Ideal Homes and YOU Magazine, with a combined reach of over 4,000,000!

In the past year, Verdant Leisure has launched lots of schemes across their nine holiday parks to preserve their local areas, Charnos Hosiery will soon be launching a collection of hosiery made from recycled yarn and Pharmacare Europe are re-formulating their vitamins and capsules to be vegan-friendly.

Even around the Nobull office we’ve taken steps to be a bit friendlier to the environment. We’ve ditched plastic milk bottles for recyclable glass deliveries and we’re aiming to be paperless (apart from essential documentation) by the end of 2020.

Launching or announcing your brand has gone eco-friendly is clearly an amazing way to gain recognition on social media and in the press because of its importance. Everyone wants to see their favourite brands make it easier for us to stay on the planet for a little longer. But be prepared to fall into the devil’s trap if you’re going to tell a little white lie about the truth of your recycling efforts.

Amy Green

Health & Beauty