Nobull Travels: Vancouver

Nobull Travels: Vancouver

I’ve always wanted to visit Canada, explore the stunning national parks, climb one of the mountains, eat ridiculous amount of their famous maple syrup. So, in July I did just that and went on holiday to Vancouver.

Before I went everyone I spoke to told me how kind and friendly Canadian people are. With my eyes rolling sarcastically I thought “yeah, sure they are”, but they really are! Everyone wants to talk to you, even on the streets of the city. Everyone has time to stop and talk to you, I’m pretty sure one guy managed to tell me his life story while I was queuing for my coffee.

Here's a couple of my favourite places I visited during my time there:

Granville Island – A MUST for any foodie

WOW! This place was all my wildest dreams come true! A short taxi ferry to Granville Island and I was surrounded by hundreds of freshly cooked dishes including maple-candied salmon, which was strangely delicious. The public market is perfect for shopping for unique gifts including handcrafted glass art, freshly made soap and clothing.

Capilano Canyon and Suspension Bridge

Probably my favourite part of the trip! I went on an amazing walking tour around the city then we took a bus trip up to the Capilano Canyon. We were surrounded by mountains and stunning waterfalls, it was the most peaceful setting I’ve ever visited. They also filmed part of Twilight: New Moon and Planet of the Apes there, unfortunately for me I didn’t bump into Robert Pattinson!

Then we went on to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The park is a series of suspended footbridges 110 feet above the forest floor and in the tree tops. Don’t look down!

Whistler Village

Everything about this day trip was beautiful! Easily the most picturesque road trip I’ve ever taken up the mountains to Whistler village, a Disney-esque ski village. When I was there I rode the peak to peak gondola and hiked around in the snow which I wasn’t quite prepared for the snow in July, while wearing shorts up in the mountains!


I wish I could have known about Victoria before I visited, if I had I would have added on time to my trip just to stay there. Everyone recommended a trip here and I’m so glad they did! There is so much to do, I visited the floating houses and walked around the British Columbia Parliament building and the inner harbour. If I had longer to stay in Victoria, I would recommend visiting Butchart Gardens as from the pictures I saw, it looked stunning!

Oh and Poutine…

Heaven on plate, don’t leave Canada without trying this Canadian cuisine!