Nobull Travel: Holly visits Krakow

Nobull Travel: Holly visits Krakow

Krakow is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in Poland meaning it has a lot of history. It used to be the capital city until 1596 and is quoted as one of Europe’s most beautiful cities – I certainly agree!

I spent four days in this amazing city and visited a lot of sights and attractions that make it famous. I stayed in the Old Town, which is listed as a World Heritage site. The town boasts old medieval buildings redeveloped to show the history of the city. Everything is in walking distance and the food is incredible! I tried dumplings which are a Polish delicacy. They are small pastry parcels traditionally filled with meat and cabbage and they were delicious, a must if visiting Poland!

I also visited Auschwitz and Birkenau Concentration Camp which was an incredibly moving trip. We were met by an English guide who led a small group of us on a tour of the camp which took nearly six hours. The camp has been restored to highlight the harrowing experience that 1.1 million people had to experience during World War II. I had studied The Holocaust in history at school but walking through the camps made me realise I knew nothing at all. The whole experience is incredibly moving and is not somewhere people ‘want’ to visit, but if you ever find yourself in Krakow I would recommend it as it somewhere that is guaranteed to teach you about the past.

The Salt Mine in Wielczka is absolutely mesmerising and a must-do if in Krakow. Descending the 400 steps into the mine, you cannot comprehend the beauty that you are met with. I still cannot believe that under the surface they have built an entire chapel, and if you were to visit every part of the mine it would take you four months!

Overall, I really enjoyed my break in this breath-taking city and urge anyone looking for a quick city break to visit, I already want to go back!