Nobull Tech launched to support companies in humanising their technological innovation

Nobull Tech launched to support companies in humanising their technological innovation

  • Comms agency embraces ongoing tech evolution and connectivity with corporate and consumer buyers alike
  • Over 80 years of Tech, Automotive and Lifestyle experience spans across the three experts in agency’s new proposition

Nobull Comms launches its latest Tech division, driven by experience in the automotive, transport, logistics, alternative fuels and mobile telecommunications sectors.

Nobull Tech aims to trigger an affinity between brands and their customers, by placing technology into the context of their lives and business through a variety of communication channels.

The need for companies and businesses to understand the opportunities and embrace the challenges that technology brings is even more vital, whether you are a multi-national conglomerate or a tech conscious consumer. Nobull Tech evaluates these opportunities and how best to engage them with key target audiences through exhaustive market insight.

Nobull Tech explains to a target audience the innovation on offer. In a world where people desire more free time, we provide an answer to the question, “how will this benefit me and my community?”

Nobull Tech offers:

  • a unique combination of tech, automotive and human expertise, which allows consulting from every angle
  • a collaborative approach with internal stakeholder and teams
  • a 360°campaign strategy focused on desired outcomes
  • access to Tier 1 media and influencer contacts

“Society will need to be far closer consulted, integrated and adopted into this ongoing tech evolution. And how tech companies communicate with their audience will be even more crucial. “This is where Nobull Tech comes in. The Automotive experts, the Technology experts and the Human experts. Our proposition is to embrace, drive and humanize technology on our client’s behalf,” said Steve Carman, Director of Nobull.

Headed up by Steve Carman (Head of Automotive), Mark Casey (Head of Tech) and Anne-marie Payne (Head of Insight), the agency is ready to take part in the pitching process in the sector.

“There is a huge seismic shift taking place. It’s widely acknowledged that by 2050, two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities. And the technology that we marvel at now will be replaced by something new,” said Mark Casey, Head of Technology.

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Notes to editor:

With over 40 years’ experience servicing automotive, transport, motor sport and telecomms tech clients, Nobull Tech creates a competitive advantage for clients via a multi-platform marketing approach, incorporates PR, social media, digital and experiential.

Our full-service proposition is boosted by strong relationships with the tech media, key industry influencers and journalists.

Steve Carman (Head of Automotive)

Starting out as a journalist, working in the van and truck industry and latterly in the vehicle fleet industry, Steve has handled PR for the VW Group, Inchcape Group and Hyundai. He was also Head of Marketing at Lex Autolease, the UK’s largest leasing company.

Steve brings an innate knowledge of how the automotive and transport industries work and proven understanding of how to bring a company’s product and services to life in the media.

He has worked at forefront of pioneering alternative fuel campaigns for Nissan (electric cars and vans), gas powered trucks (Clean Air Power) and electric trucks (Tevva) and has also worked extensively in the field of motorsport for VW, Audi and Hyundai.

Mark Casey (Head of Tech)

One of Mark’s first clients was Securicor Cellnet, at a time when 2G had yet to be launched (we now know them as O2).

He worked with AOL, Fujitsu, Acer, Adobe Texas Instruments at leading London agencies, before launching his own tech PR company in 1999. Prodigy Communications quickly established itself as a leading tech agency, serving the Internet explosion of the early naughties.

Prodigy’s roster of clients included O2, Orange, HTC, Handspring Palm, ASUS, Creative Labs and MTV Digital.

Anne-marie Payne (Head of Insights)

Anne-marie has over 30 years’ experience in the automotive and healthcare sectors, working predominantly on the PR and the event agency side for a variety of blue chip clients including Ford, Honda, Volvo, Peugeot and Hewlett Packard.

She quickly grasps an understanding of any industry sector and converts that into a solid strategy that defines how best to engage with target audiences. Through meticulous research and microscopic attention to detail, messaging, tone of voice and proposition are fine-tuned and technology is bought to live.

This achieved Anne-Marie defines and targets the optimum media and influencers who will deliver coverage that converts into leads and sales.

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