Nobull Round-up - Social Jargon

Nobull Round-up - Social Jargon

Our final week, in July, of Nobull round-up features social media jargon and how to explain it creatively, successful influencer collabs and how to lead the charge when it comes to “getting your name out there”.


Make no noise and nobody hears - Great for sneaking out of the house in the early hours (without waking the kids) to go for a run, but not so good if you’re a business wanting to ‘get your name out there’ and lead the charge. So, make a start but…

Don’t just make noise for noise sake - The world is full of noise so it’s not just about shouting louder (you might be stood next to the local town crier!) … it’s about being different, strategic and focusing your efforts on those you want to engage with…

And do engage - Yes, we’re in a digital world but make sure you still have time for people – call me old school (and, I know, I am!) but verbally speak to people, make time to meet face-to-face and be yourself, people like a personality…

WORKING HARD by Kally Carder

It has been a busy week at Nobull towers…. we’ve had our most successful influencer collaboration to date with Proceive and the fabulous Michelle, which saw organic channel growth of over 200 in less than 24 hours! We’ve also been planning our next big consumer website design for a client, who shall remain nameless at this stage, watch this space!


This week I was asked by a client the difference between reach, impressions and engagement – if you work in digital or social, this is a question you have probably answered more than hot dinners, but it did get me thinking is there a different way we could answer this.

Rather than giving the standard answer, could I step into their shoes and compare to real life situations outside of digital…

Impressions & Reach: take a magazine circulation, this will be delivered to 500 houses in one area. The reach would be how many houses this is delivered to, whereas the impressions would be how many times the people living in those houses will pick up and read the magazine.

Engagement: You’ve been invited to a party, the host in this scenario is the “brand” and the invite is that you are following that brand – you have a choice to either interact with people that interest you or to stand in the corner eating the free snacks. The amount of people you interact with is “an engagement”, for you to feel like you want to keep talking to this person (or the brand) they need to be interesting to you, relate to you, give you some sort of a reason to continue interacting (engaging) with them.

How do you normally answer this question? Do you ever think about getting creative with your answer?

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