Personal development, celebrating campaign successes and we pose the question, would you pay to use social media?

GOOGLE TAG, YOU’RE IT by Beth Versleys

This week, I have been getting stuck into some Google tagging and learning about the back end of a website. This has been extremely challenging but so interesting. I feel more confident and understand more of the terminology. I love the nitty gritty details and am happy to add this string to my bow.

FACEBOOK FOR A FEE? NOT FOR ME by Luke De Benedictis

This week I saw an interesting stat that four in ten people would delete Facebook if it wasn’t free [McGufffin]. This got me thinking, if social media’s main platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) were all paid for, which would you use?

I asked the Nobull team to gauge their opinions and the results were interesting:

  • 60% of our internal staff would not use social media anymore
  • 40% would pay to continue using Instagram
  • 20% of this 40% would also pay to continue using Twitter
  • Facebook was given an overwhelming “meh” from the team

Mr Zuckerberg, if you have any plans to make Facebook a pay-as-you-go platform, I probably wouldn’t.

WATCH THIS SPACE by Kally Carder

This week in the Nobull office have seen lots of discussions take place on behalf of our client Proceive in regard to some future sponsorship opportunities – watch this space, exciting things are coming up!

Another reason to celebrate this week has come in the form of some exceptional results in a recent influencer campaign with our client SEBO. We launched a media, social and digital campaign to celebrate the energetic collaboration which has been supported by Amy Childs, Christine McGuinness and Gabby Allen. These posts alone achieved SEBO a combined 2.5 million.

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