A positive review for a new client and a new Brita water filter ad that had the office in stitches... all in a week's work at the Nobull Towers


This week I am mainly loving the Brita water filters ad campaign with Joanna Lumley. There is one ad in particular, which I spotted on Instagram, which has Joanna at her best talking about why she hates plastic water bottles. There is swearing, which is filtered out. Brilliant. Simple and so on point in terms of Joanna’s own passions in life and the connection with Brita filters as an alternative to bottled water. It is great because it is connected and in context. A master stroke from whomever came up with the campaign. Plus, I love Joanna Lumley!

Having worked in advertising in a previous incarnation it is rare these days that I see campaigns that I think are clever and brilliant, so this was a refreshing change to the boring ‘European’ one size (doesn’t) fit all approach.

Gold star to Brita!

FEIYU GOING STRONG by Luke De Benedictis

This week marks six weeks since we started working with FeiyuTech UK & Ireland and on their social media channels and it is clear our imprint has been noticed. In the weeks since we were appointed, we have increased engagement, followers, clicks to retailer websites and profile visits exponentially across all channels. In fact, we have had to rejig our own KPIs three or four times in the initial month due to performance.

Profile visits on FeiyuTech UK & Ireland’s Twitter page have increased by 1,100% while on Instagram we have seen a follower increase of 2,000%. Engagement across Instagram and Twitter has increased by 325%. We have also seen 390,000 eyes have come across our content through the newly created FeiyuTech UK & Ireland Facebook page.

It’s been overwhelmingly positive in the opening month. Nobull’s strapline is “Brand Illumination” and we have very much shined the light back on FeiyuTech UK & Ireland.

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