Nobull Round-up - A Real #FeiyuFocus

Nobull Round-up - A Real #FeiyuFocus

Each week, we will be bringing to you the best of our week. These are going to be highlights which the team would like to shout about, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading. So, what have the Nobull team learned this week…


So, key learning from my week is the beauty of tag-tastic teamwork.

It’s not a ‘new’ learning, rather, something that’s been reinforced for me over the last couple of days. We all have different skill sets and effective working and quality working relationships can allow you to pick and mix from an agency pool of talent to collectively get the best result for your client.

For example, ideas and copy are my strengths but Excel isn’t my forte. But that’s okay. You don’t have to be the best at everything. Just be the very best you can be at nearly everything and surround yourself with equally driven people who can fill the gaps and complete the powerhouse.

#FEIYUFOCUS by Beth Versleys

This week myself and my colleague Luke launched FeiyuTech UK/Ireland’s new product, the AK4500, across their social media channels. FeiyuTech is a new client of ours and this was our first chance to give their social channels the real Nobull stamp. This included launching a new FeiyuTech Facebook page, freshening up the look and feel of their Instagram page and reinventing their Twitter account. Next week we are launching another of their new products, the VLOG Pocket, and I can’t wait to see the plans we have come to life socially.

Check out their pages, and feel free to give them a follow or a like ;)

Instagram: @Feiyutech_ireland_uk
Twitter: @FeiyuTechUk

THE DEATH OF LIKE FOR A LIKE by Luke De Benedictis

A few months ago Instagram announced that they would be hiding likes and views in Canada as part of a trial to see what impact it would have on the Social Network. For the last few months, if you've lived in Canada you will not have seen likes or view counts on any posts.

Yesterday, Instagram announced they will be rolling that "test" out further. If you live in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand, you will no longer be able to see how many likes or views, someone else's post received. But what impact will this have? The following are some thoughts from leading social media expert, Steven Bartlett, on what we can expect to see going forward, if the roll out comes to our shores. Do you agree?

  • We will start focusing more on the “quality” of the post as they will no longer be publicly "ranked" / judged by a metric.
  • We will like posts less now that a 'like' is a less important/obvious part of the platform?
  • It will help prevent anxiety and mental health issues slightly.
  • It makes influencer marketing fraud even harder to spot, but potentially less tempting to carry out, if you're an influencer.
  • It will lower engagement across posts.

Have any thoughts on anything we have discussed, head to our Twitter or LinkedIn page and send us a message. We’d love to hear from you

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