Nobull perks by Liz Stout

Nobull perks by Liz Stout

I’m lucky that every job I’ve had has come with more than a couple of great perks. The first full time paid sales position brought with it out-in-the-field freedom and a plush company car! Then came a front of house theatre job with complimentary tickets on tap and a free drink or two after every show. Nice. Next it was a six-year stint on staff for a national newspaper writing about beauty. Free treatments and products were part of the package and made me the envy of all my female friends.

I feel lucky that my path has been so diverse and so packed of brilliant little ‘extras’. Yet now that I’m happily ensconced working on media relations and content at Nobull Comms, I’ve discovered one of the best work perks of all. Really cool clients.

Having a client who is upbeat, positive and collaborative, is more job-enhancing than a flashy coupe or a box of new season lip shades, so I’ve discovered. Client chemistry makes my working life infinitely more interesting and fun. The successes feel even bigger and better. And when you have affinity with the person you’re working for, you naturally want to deliver only to the very max (and then some). Client meetings are rarely arduous and out of office entertaining is brilliant.

So, how come we’re blessed with such an abundance of client chemistry at Nobull? That’s the question I asked myself when I first joined the team. Two years on, I’m pretty sure I know the answer.

It’s all down to a sprinkling of good luck and a lot of Nobull essence. Our agency personality is brought to life by the colourful pictures and mission statements that decorate our boardroom. These snippets and snapshots remind everyone, everyday what Nobull is about. They drive how we work, the principals we stick to and the way we treat each other. And they’re embedded.

So, if you believe in the Rules of Attraction (I do!), it’s no wonder we attract the like-minded - clients with passion and gusto, who love what they do, never stop setting new goals (and like to let their hair down every now and then).

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