My work experience at Nobull – By William Chapman

My work experience at Nobull – By William Chapman

My experience at Nobull has been fantastic. I was offered a week’s work experience at Nobull, from which I had some idea of their business ventures; but initially, was mostly ignorant of the complex and meticulous relationships they successfully hold with their clients. Just from my observations of the day to day errands the team carried out, I quickly learned just how much thorough attention is required in a marketing and public relations agency.

One feature I really loved about Nobull was its team management style; obviously I didn’t have enough time to fully understand the ins and outs of how this was ran, but what struck me was how task orientated the team were; Showing unparalleled levels of motivation, they displayed a fantastic work ethic which I hope is universal across all working environments (I doubt it!). I couldn’t help but feel as if I was a part of their team. The tasks I were set were challenging, and I was motivated to complete them to a high standard because of the company’s great ethos.

Nobull also offers an abundance of goodies; namely in the form of unlimited snacks and an array of drinks. All of which contribute to general productivity as a whole. I was definitely not expecting such benefits which came as a very nice surprise. One thing is for sure, Nobull greatly value their staff.

My experience at Nobull has given me an invaluable insight into a productive working environment. While I am still far away from understanding the complexity and details of public relations and marketing as a whole, I have been introduced to the craft through a very creative and positive company. Such an experience has furthered my interest into this career field.

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