My Week's Work Experience At Nobull Communications

Hello Everyone! My name is Anamika. I live in Buckinghamshire and am currently on a week’s work experience placement at Nobull Communications. I graduated with a BSc in Psychology last July and am hoping to pursue a career in public relations. Since graduating I have been travelling and working for House of Fraser as a sales assistant.

I visited New York, Miami, Barcelona and Dubai. My travels have enabled me to gain an insight to different ways of living, as well as the work ethics that businesses have in these cities.  I like to get to the heart of the city and learn about their cultures and their ways of life.  Having spoken to a few business people from each city created an image as to where I may want to settle and what field I can see myself pursuing a career in.

My work experience for Nobull Communications has increased my passion for public relations and I would love to pursue a career in this field.

As I studied Psychology as University, I have always wanted to work in the business side of psychology and behaviour; I preferred this over clinical psychology. I found university to be stressful at times especially the tight deadlines, which I had to meet in short periods of time; I have found this has prepared me well for my working life. I have also found that working for House of Fraser has increased my competitive side, which has ensured my sales targets are also met.  

I am currently attending my 3rd day at Nobull and have been allocated various tasks, such as focusing on the travel, hospitality and leisure side to the company; I have found that this area I am most interested in. The work which I have completed during these past few days has increased my understanding on what goes into withholding the reputation of a company and how the process is managed on social media. The experience at Nobull has shown me the great importance of social networking sites and how these can help achieve a successfully run business, service, or product. I have also learnt that without the correct engagement, communication and creativity a company would not reach its full potential.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Nobull Communications; my colleagues are friendly, approachable, and attentive. They have made me feel part of the team in such a short period of time. The working environment is defiantly pleasant and I have enjoyed my time here!