My first week at NoBull

My first week at NoBull

Hi, my name is Zoe! I have had the unique experience of joining Nobull during a global pandemic. This entailed having my interview over Microsoft Teams, and then a socially distanced interview in person. When I met my new colleagues there were no handshakes, and I met other team members who were working remotely over a video call. Despite the peculiarity of the situation, everyone made sure my first week was a great one. No time was wasted in briefing me on the artists to be played and that were banned on Spotify.

After a few months of job hunting during the pandemic, I am glad to get back into the world of work. During lockdown, I kept myself busy by sewing, reading, painting our house, and spending a shameful amount of time on TikTok. I also volunteered at a healthcare tech company, reconfiguring infusion pumps for ventilators to fight Covid-19. All the while, I was applying for jobs in an increasingly large pool of job hunters. I was so pleased when I was offered the job at Nobull!

On my first day, I was shown around the airy, plant-filled offices in Marlow. Once I had synced up my diary with the team and been set up on my computer, I was good to go. I was inducted and onboarded on client accounts and began to work through a to do list for my induction week. I was taught how to use Sprout, a social media scheduling platform I wasn’t familiar with. As an avid social media user, I found this interesting.

Halfway through the week, Anne Marie, Steve, Kally, Amy and Tom took me out for a welcome lunch in the sun. The team are lively, confident, and fun, and their positivity is contagious.

I dedicated a lot of my week to immersing myself in all-things-Nobull. I familiarised myself with the Nobull website, and client websites to understand the work that had already been done. I have been really impressed with the outcomes of the PR campaigns undertaken, client testimonials, and the range of exciting clients.

In a time where we are continually hearing about job losses, I feel very lucky to have a job at Nobull. I’m grateful to everyone at Nobull who made me feel incredibly welcome during my first week, I already feel settled. I am excited to continue life at Nobull and see what lies ahead!