After finding out I had to apply for a work experience placement I knew instantly I wanted to find an innovative and challenging PR company, with a great working environment and positive atmosphere. Nobull Comms was just that.

After being met by the highly enthusiastic Beth and Holly I felt instantly at ease in an interview where I had felt quite nervous beforehand. I knew I was going to love working here and as cliché as it may be, but the time has flown by.

After learning about their clients, I was put straight to work conducting research for events helping to produce Instagram highlights for different brands. I loved the idea of being thrown into the deep end and really feeling my way into the working world.

Over the week I’ve gained a variety of new skills such as producing imagery, using excel spreadsheets to organise PPC keywords, exploring Google Analytics and producing new business research. But most importantly perfecting the skill of tea and coffee making!

The entire team has been so welcoming and made it a very enjoyable week with plenty of laughs. Their work ethic is astonishing, and I can’t wait to join the business world in the next couple of years (if all goes to plan!)

While all my friends are eager to leave their work experiences and surprisingly return to school as soon as possible, I wouldn’t hesitate to accept a full-time position at Nobull, as CEO I presume!

Thank you Nobull.

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