Meet and Tweet

Last week saw me attend my first Auto TweetUp and, lucky old me, I got to go with one of our clients who looks after the beautiful and British, Jensen cars.

Auto TweetUps (the brainchild of the lovely @thetimhutton)  combine traditional meet-ups with a social media twist – active ‘tweeters’ from the automotive industry, or those who are just ‘car nuts’, gather in one place to gas (pardon the pun) about all things cars whilst getting to know the people behind the Twitter handles!

So, Matt from @CropredyBridge and I headed down to the event in a stunning Jensen Interceptor and it got many heads turning – I find the look, noise and smell of a classic car attract just as much attention as a Ferrari would flying down the motorway. 

The venue was located on the edge of the Cotswolds at the vast and impressive @Historit building – a former military building that’s been converted into a vehicle storage facility. Three lovely chaps, including Director Charlie Morgan and Operations guru Andrew Ferguson, gave us a talk on the structure and its occupants which was very insightful indeed. To give you an idea of how immense Historit is, there’s more than 30,000 tons of concrete floor and an air volume equivalent to 22 Olympic size swimming pools. To put this into context just look how small the double-decker bus is in the photo!

There was an eclectic mix of classic, modern, tuned and everyday cars all parked in the grounds next to Historit’s airfield, which doubles up as a track where they run the cars on. There were lots of enthusiastic people all mingling and chatting away – particularly around the nibbles!

As we wandered round the collection brought to the TweetUp, including Jags, Morgans, BMWs, VWs, Porsches, Alfas and MGs, we found lots of people flocking around the Interceptor, taking photos and saying how gorgeous and delightful it was and that they hadn’t seen a Jensen in years.

Safe to say the Jensen was a real crowd pleaser and this Auto TweetUp was the most attended yet, reaching nearly 1.5k impressions on Twitter! My first TweetUp was a very enjoyable experience to say the least , particularly as it was a sunny, summer evening too – and they’re just as rare as a Jensen. 


You can find out details of the next event by following @autotweetup 


Written by

Charlotte Causley