Launching Bioglan's Podcast

Launching Bioglan's Podcast

We recently launched a podcast for our client Bioglan Supplements.

Health Unwrapped was the brainchild of one of creative sessions with the client, where our lovely Head of Content, Liz, came up with the ingenious idea of working alongside a host of experts and influencers that were already brand advocates to create unique, relevant and informative podcast content.

The idea was based on ‘cutting through the crap’ and giving consumers THE destination to find out the facts about the latest trends & fads in the health arena in easy to digest, bitesize episodes.

Having worked in the health and wellbeing sector for a number of years we had come across a few established podcast producers but we knew there was just one person for this job…..the super talented Natalie Silverman of The Fertility Podcast.

Natalie was keen to jump onboard and agreed to produce Health Unwrapped for us. We then went about looking at themes and topics that we knew from social listening & media research were relevant, trending and topical or would be in the coming months. Then came the task of matching up these themes with those influencers who were the definitive experts in these arenas – those who people trusted and listened to.

Amy (our resident influencer whisperer) got to work and we soon had a football team’s worth of guests ready to be grilled/ interviewed by Natalie. In early-March, just before the UK went into Covid-19 lockdown, we spent the day in a Soho studio waxing lyrical on everything health!

The resulting podcast goes live this week (30th March) and we will initially launch with three episodes, followed by weekly episodes during April then monthly episodes thereafter. The podcast features the likes of Dr. Zoe Williams – discussing the Coronavirus pandemic and what you can do to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy, Deborah James (AKA the wonderful Bowel Babe) looking at gut health and fitness guru Chloe Madeley talking about workouts and muscle recovery.

We’ll also be producing blogs to accompany each episode and linking to all Podcast content via Bioglan’s website and social channels – our guest influencers will also be sharing their episodes via their own social channels.

Check-in with us in a few weeks to look at the initial results of this project – our aim has always been to increase brand awareness for Bioglan and position them as a leader in the health sector – offering real, relevant and practical advice and tips for all health-conscious consumers whatever their age or gender.

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