Infamous ex-international rugby player Martin Bayfield takes on the BodyFire challenge


Infamous ex-international rugby player Martin Bayfield takes on the BodyFire challenge

  • Ex England rugby star Martin Bayfield has recruited the BodyFire team to get him back in shape
  • ‘Bayf’s BodyFire Challenge’ aims to see Martin cut his body fat, tone, build muscle and improve his diet dramatically in just 12 weeks
  • Martin’s progress throughout the challenge will feature on BT Sport Rugby Tonight Show
  • BodyFire’s team of experts will ensure Martin is gaining as much as possible from the challenge every step of the way

Martin Bayfield, ex-England rugby player has appointed BodyFire to give him a lifestyle transformation. The 6ft 10 rugby star has challenged BodyFire to help him get back into shape for a feature on the highly popular BT Sport show, Rugby Tonight. ‘Bayfs BodyFire Challenge’ will consist of a 12 week challenge revolving predominantly around nutrition and fitness, the BodyFire team will be scrutinising each aspect of the challenge to ensure that Martin is on the path to achieving his desired results.

The aim of Bayf’s BodyFire Challenge to get Martin back into a shape he is proud to see in the mirror, BodyFire want Martin to be happy and healthy and will ensure that he is by providing him with the tools and tips that he needs. The BodyFire team is made up of James Haskell, Shane Rutherford (head trainer) and David Arnot (head nutritionist) each of whom are experts in their field. Martin, like most people leads a very busy lifestyle so the routine BodyFire creates for him will need to be able to fit around this with no disruption and prove there is always time to eat right and train hard no matter how busy you are.

“During my rugby years I was in the best shape of my life, since retiring I admit I have let myself go! I approached BodyFire with the challenge of getting me back into shape and they accepted. It’s been a while since I’ve followed a strict fitness and training regime so it’ll will undoubtedly be difficult however, I’m really looking forward to achieving some great results with these guys,” said Martin Bayfield.

Martin’s desired goal is to change his appearance so the challenge will focus on cutting his body fat, toning up, building muscle and improving his diet dramatically. The BodyFire team don’t believe in the “one size fits all methodology” and will be developing a bespoke fitness and nutrition programme for Martin.

“The most important factor of the 12 week challenge is the diet review, diet is 70% of everything with training and recovery makes up makes up the remaining 30%. Aside from Martin’s weight and height, BodyFire will also find out Martin’s body fat index and in addition take accurate measurements from eight different areas on Martin’s body, as being the key transformation indicators and measurement tools. Martins diet plan will require tweaking in the early weeks as his body may react differently to others, the aspect will need careful monitoring and subtle adjustments to achieve maximum effect,” says James Haskell.

Updates will be posted weekly on, as well as on YouTube, with clips being shown on BodyFire TV. To keep update with the challenge via social media please follow:





Every Wednesday evening on the BT Sport Rugby Tonight show, which airs from 8pm – 9.30pm in BT HD channel there will be a segment dedicated to Martin and his challenge progress.


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