Hylton Gott joint first for prestigious Volvo accolade

Hylton Gott joint first for prestigious Volvo accolade

  • Hylton Gott is now one of only two dealerships in the UK to employee five Level 4 Master Technicians
  • Three of the Master Technicians joined through the Volvo Apprenticeship Programme
  • Longest serving Master Technician joined Volvo in 1988

Local King’s Lynn Volvo dealership has become joint leaders among the Volvo UK dealer network for employing five Level  4 Master Technicians – the highest level of Volvo expertise that can be achieved.

Located at Downham Road, Kings Lynn, Hylton Gott now sits at the top, alongside Volvo dealership Cambridge Garage Havant, in employing five Level 4 Master Technicians.

Andrew Kavaney, 59, Robert John, 42, Craig Sladden, 28, Jamie Osler, 26 and Ashley Cook, 25, have all demonstrated the utmost levels of dedication, hard work and outstanding skills to all achieve the highest accolade available to a technician throughout the Volvo network.     

Workshop duo Ashley Cook and Craig Sladden were the latest employees to achieve Volvo Master Technician status.  Ashley, achieving the status in April and Craig in May are both long-serving staff at the dealership having joined through the Volvo Apprenticeship Programme around ten years ago in 2003 and 2005.

Also joining through the Volvo Apprenticeship Programme was Jamie Osler in 2003 whilst in the same year, having worked his way up from Level 1 Volvo Technician, Robert John is now appointed Workshop Manager for the dealership, as well as a Level 4 Master Tech.

Andrew Kavaney is the dealerships longest serving Master Technician, joining the garage in 1988 and will be 60 years old this September.

Hylton Gott Dealer Principal Stephen Tilburn commented on the dealership’s achievement: “We’re very proud to have five Volvo Master Technicians, they are brilliant assets to the team and it’s fantastic that they are able to be recognised for their hard work and achievements. Robert, Andrew, Jamie, Ashley and Craig’s expertise is second to none; they’ve shown great commitment to the dealership, its customers and the Volvo brand, working to the highest of levels day in and day out.”


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