How to upgrade to the new Twitter profile

New twitter profileby Alicia Holbrook

On April 8 Twitter rolled out new web profile design which is now available to all. The new design is a classic three column-layout, featuring a Facebook style banner and overlapping profile pic which you can see on my twitter profile here. 

The focus on the new twitter profile is on image and video, so make sure you have plenty of eye-catching images and video content ready. Specific new features include a “best tweets” section to highlight popular tweets; a “pinned tweets” feature that pins tweets that show “what you’re all about” plus a “filtered tweets” option, which chooses how you’d like to view other Twitter user’s profiles.

If you don’t want to wait for the upgrade notification to pop up on your twitter account you can click on this link and upgrade right away.

The new layout will only affect your desktop. Your profile will remain the same on mobile.


5 tips for perfecting your twitter profile

1. Only use good quality imagery – we’re not saying you need to go out and grab an SLR but take care to make sure that pictures are crisp, clear and heads are visible.

2. Share unique information which cannot be found anywhere else, like behind-the-scenes shots and educational tips.

3. Don’t enjoy the sound of your voice too much - take time to listen, interact and respond with your audience. Thank followers with an RT or ask for their advice. Remember that Twitter is a conversational tool and should not be used as a vehicle to hard sell.

4. Create a # for events and use it to engage with your audience. This is a great way to amplify your brand.

5. Create sharable content. Focus on newsworthy, funny and helpful content and never ever start moaning which will only serve to bore. According to Twitter the most retweeted content contains links, pictures, videos or quotes.