Half a year at Nobull Comms... HOW?! By Holly Wye

Half a year at Nobull Comms... HOW?! By Holly Wye

As promised in my first blog I said I would keep you posted on my Nobull journey and I cannot believe that I am writing this having been at Nobull for SIX MONTHS! It sounds cliché, but time really has flown.

I have learnt so much in what really is a short space of time. I have found a love for blogger and media relations which I am lucky enough to work on every day now! Liaising with influencers and journalists has really helped give me an all-rounded insight into the communications world. The journey from contacting influencers to achieving the coverage is really rewarding and fills me with satisfaction.

The team here at Nobull is so diverse, which has meant that I can learn from everyone around me. Everybody has different skills and ways of working which I am still learning even now. I have had the chance to really brush up on my photography skills, and now feel I am really getting to grips with how the world of social media works, from the first idea to it being posted online. Photography was never something I thought I would enjoy or be any good at, so it is nice to have learnt such a useful new skill which I can use inside and outside of the office.

I have truly enjoyed getting to know and understand how communication and relationships within the PR industry work and how important they are. I have been given the opportunity to work with a vast array of bloggers and influencers across many platforms and sectors.

The newest skill I have learnt over the last few months is client reporting. I now complete each client’s monthly reports, and this means I get to understand what is working well for each client individually whilst improving my analysis and presentation skills. I am looking forward to learning more about Google Analytics and PPC for clients and understanding how to set up and monitor ads.

I love every minute of my time in the Nobull office, no two days are the same and the office environment is such a happy and encouraging place to be. Even through the busy periods, everyone pulls together and supports each other to reap the rewards. It is so nice to feel part of a team and feel supported by the colleagues I work with. I hope to continue to learn and grow within the company and will be sure to update you again soon.

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