Gone in sixty seconds, recovered in seven minutes thanks to Cobra

Gone in sixty seconds, recovered in seven minutes thanks to Cobra

All of Cobra’s stolen vehicle tracking systems are accredited to either Thatcham CAT 6 (previously known as TQA) or Thatcham Category 5 level. These are the highest possible UK standards for stolen vehicle tracking systems. The power, speed and efficiency of these systems is proven to unfortunate owners who fall victim to car thieves.

Imagine the scene; you receive the news your vehicle has been stolen. Thieves used now well-documented key cloning techniques, however, without the Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR) card present, the CobraTrak 5 Stolen Vehicle Tracking System silently alerted the Cobra Secure Operating Centre of the theft the instant the vehicle moved. This proactive security would also have activated if they had used the original keys or even towed the vehicle away.

With this alert, Cobra immediately notify you of the potential theft and, with confirmation the car has been taken without permission, the police are contacted. Meanwhile, unknown to the car’s unwelcome occupants, the vehicle’s every move is being silently tracked.

Whereas car crime used to be that of the opportunist thief, today organised criminal gangs are targeting premium vehicles and have the ability to ship them out of the country in matter of hours. The speed and efficiency of Cobra stolen vehicle tracking systems are critical features against this crime and can dramatically increase the chances of a successful recovery.

An open line of communication is now established with the local force and the vehicle’s current location sent to officers on the ground. With police authority, the Secure Operating Centre can remotely immobilise the vehicle, preventing the engine from being restarted.

Within minutes of the location being sent, local police can find and secure your vehicle, allowing it to be recovered and returned to you, hopefully undamaged.

This was the case for one unfortunate owner who found his sports car had been stolen when thieves burgled his home. Using the original keys, the car quickly travelled over 100 miles away. Reported stolen at 4:17am, the vehicle’s location was shared with local officers at 4:20am. Just seven minutes later, it was confirmed the car had been successfully secured by police.

This example is one of the best real-world demonstrations of the power of Cobra stolen vehicle tracking systems. Recovering the car undamaged is the best result for the owner, insurer and police. It avoids lengthy and expensive processes for insurers with police able to efficiently recover vehicles, avoiding potentially dangeroushigh speed chases.

However, the best result has to be for the owner. As thieves are now targeting luxury, high value vehicles, owners face the real possibility of losing their often uniquely specified vehicles forever. Replacing such a vehicle can incur a long build time and substantial costs, and will certainly impact future insurance premiums. With CobraTrak 5, this owner avoided all of this and got back his pride and joy.