Go Wild at festivals this summer

Go Wild at festivals this summer

Summer festivals are a great excuse to leave your cares behind and party in the sunshine with your friends, but with the notorious potential for broken bottle scratches and dance-induced blisters ever-present, a packet of plasters should be an essential part of any festival goer's packing checklist.

Dermocare WWF Safari plasters (£2.99) offer wash proof, breathable protection from dirt and bacteria and are a stylish alternative to standard plasters so you can stay feeling and looking good whilst protecting any festival injuries.

Other top festival essentials kit list:

  1. - Antibacterial hand sanitizer – portaloos, say no more…
  2. - Baby wipes: with a serious lack of showering availability, wet wipes can help you to steer clear of smelliness and are handy for mopping up drinks spills
  3. - Sun lotion: Although we will all be hoping for scorching summer heat, make sure you protect your skin and don't let those rays get the better of you
  4. - Chewing gum: A minty pep-up for when you're feeling less than fresh
  5. - Snacks: Avoid paying extortionate festival outlet prices by coming prepared with a few snack-bars to fight off festival hunger.

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