Gabi's first month at Nobull

Gabi's first month at Nobull

Nervous?! What a silly question. It’s safe to say that I was very nervous before starting my new position at Nobull. Change is good but it can also be quite scary. I think it’s the same with any job, a new environment, meeting new people, making new friends, it can seem a bit daunting.

My previous role was completely different to my role here a Nobull. Based in a huge 17-floor building in central London, it was the kind of job where you walked past new people every day and didn’t even recognise them, let alone know their name! Here a Nobull, it is the complete opposite, a small, close knit team, who you spend every working day with. One of the nicest things I have appreciated since joining Nobull is just that, knowing each and every single one of my colleague’s names, and also the change of scenery! Looking out onto endless beautiful fields and a tennis court is certainly different to looking out and seeing the Shard and skyline of London. I still can’t work out which one I prefer, not yet anyway!

Coming from a predominantly multimedia and video background, I wanted to start this new venture to learn as much as I can and to build upon my professional media and communications skillset- I guess the more you know the more versatile you can be. I also want to bring my background in video to Nobull and I am excited to see how I can bring the brand to life.

It’s safe to say that within three weeks of being here I have already learnt so much. From organising multiple clients’ social content and strategy to creating monthly reports and analysing how well we’ve done, and there's still so much to learn.

The creativity that the team here at Nobull has is inspiring, having the ability to all sit down together at least once and week and come up with fun and exciting ideas and pitches for new potential clients is great and allows you to work on a range of genres!

This next point, I am sure everyone in the past has commented on, the endless teas, coffees and sweet treats has been a definite perk- although not so great for the summer body.

I am very excited for what the future holds and I am looking forward to learning even more from the team here at Nobull!