Delivering authentic & effective online community management

Delivering authentic & effective online community management

Working with great brands, we’re never short of visual assets. The wellbeing world provides a never-ending source of inspiration to frame engaging content around. And when you’re as passionate and creative as our team, ideas are in constant free flow!

But alongside great raw content and all the passion you may have for a brand, there must be a clear comms strategy. And community management has proved to be among the most important components of our ongoing campaigns for Clients.

It’s been Nobull’s job to bring authentic brand messages to life in ways that resonate with real-life consumers. And community is a key factor.

We’ve focused big on our community management strategy and it’s helping our Clients’ brands resonate with the people who already are, or should be, buying their products.

We understand that passionate consumers don’t mess about. If you’re not authentic, you don’t get to be part of the gang. They like instant answers too! We choose our most fervent team members to manage our growing Client communities - responding, liking, following, commenting and observing etiquette.

Our community interactions feel genuine because they are. We’re all fully immersed in the brands we represent, and this translates into our communications.

The enthusiasm and drive for effective community management is paying off. Since we streamlined our strategy for one Client seven months ago, cross network performance has increased 265% in terms of engagement. Impressions are up 150% and post click links by 319%.

Further proof that authentic conversations can really deliver.

What we’ve learned:

A few community management top tips from our team…

  • Love your client’s brand – authenticity is everything
  • Always behave like a ‘real’ human – connect with customers and care
  • Know your brand – learn all the most important FAQs, so you’re fluent
  • Work closely with customer services – they’re your treasure trove of customer insights
  • Go above and beyond – invest time to research the sector and know your stuff, beyond the product range
  • Speak your audience’s language – tap into their likes, experience and interests
  • Be surprising – engage unprompted and instigate conversations
  • Keep the conversations going- revisit past interactions and build long term relationships
  • Respond quick -if you can’t provide the answer straight away have a holding message ready
  • Manage expectations – be clear about response waiting times