• 70% of cars fitted with Cobra stolen vehicle tracking systems are stolen with their keys
  • The average value of individuals cars stolen and recovered in 2013 rose £6k to £40,000
  • Average police recovery time for a car fitted with a Cobra system is 37 minutes

Nearly three out of every four premium brand cars stolen are being taken using the vehicle’s own keys according to latest figures released by stolen vehicle tracking experts Cobra UK.

70% of cars stolen in 2013 and fitted with a Cobra supplied vehicle tracking system were taken using the keys, reinforcing the need for drivers to be extra vigilant at all times.

“Standard levels of vehicle security fitted to modern cars are so effective thieves are having to resort to stealing the keys to make off with the car,” explained Andrew Smith, Cobra UK’s Managing Director.

“Most often that means breaking into a house to take the keys, or fishing them through the letterbox with a hook and cane as many people leave their keys on a hall table or key hook.  It is also not uncommon for thieves to steal keys from coat pockets in pubs, restaurants and even workplaces. 

“The difficult economic climate has resulted in more high value cars being stolen to order, often by highly organised criminal gangs who frequently ship them out of the country within days.  It is vital drivers protect their assets as best they can, starting by keeping keys safe at all times,” he added.

Recently Cobra’s tracking technology has helped Interpol to recover a luxury car stolen in Berlin at a location in Poland, and an Audi R8 reported missing in Paris was located and secured for repatriation in Athens.

Auto crime is showing no signs of abating with the average value of cars stolen equipped with either a CobraTrak or NavTrak system rising from £34,000 to £40,000 from 2012 to 2013. Expensive 4×4s and high performance models from premium brands are favourite targets.

Cobra is the only vehicle tracking company with a Europe wide network of service centres working to established Police procedures in each of 36 countries. Average time from a vehicle being reported stolen to it being secured by Police with Cobra’s assistance was only 37 minutes in 2013.