Cobra calls for DVLA to register Stolen Vehicle Tracking products on V5C


  • Cobra has witnessed rising trend in stolen vehicle tracking systems being unnecessarily fitted to pre-owned premium cars where a device is already present
  • Including Thatcham approved stolen vehicle tracking devices on the new online V5C system could save drivers hundreds of pounds and increase vehicle saleability
  • Cobra’s call comes as DVLA plan to launch online access to vehicle registration certificates by March 2015

Leading vehicle security specialist Cobra is calling upon the DVLA to include details of Thatcham approved stolen vehicle tracking devices on a vehicle’s V5C registration document when the documents go online in 2015 to save drivers fitting a second system to their car.

Cobra, the European leader in GPS stolen vehicle tracking, estimates that thousands of UK motorists with high value premium used cars are unaware that a stolen vehicle tracking system has already been fitted to their car by a previous owner.

The result is these owners inadvertently spend hundreds of pounds fitting an unnecessary second system to their car when they only need to renew a subscription to an existing device.

It is widely expected that the DVLA will launch online access to the V5C vehicle registration certificate by March 2015 in a cost cutting exercise to reduce red tape; as such, Cobra’s call to the DVLA would ensure that drivers save money.

“If the DVLA registers a stolen vehicle tracking system against a car’s V5C, both the dealer and the new owner would be able to check online prior to purchase to determine if a stolen vehicle tracking device is fitted, giving peace of mind and saving money.” explained Andrew Smith, Managing Director of Cobra Vehicle Security.

With drivers of higher value cars, both brand new and pre-owned, strongly encouraged by insurance companies to have stolen vehicle tracking products fitted to mitigate against the risk of 100% loss when stolen, the call by Cobra would also benefit the insurance industry – as well as helping drivers to save money on their insurance premium.

Smith added: “By including this information in an online vehicle registration document, the government is also potentially even increasing saleability and residual values when a car is sold because the new owner knows that they do not have to spend money on having a system fitted.

“With car crime an ever-present problem, the only way to protect a vehicle from 100% loss is the installation of a Thatcham-approved product such as CobraTrak or NavTrak. Our average times for recovery from the reporting of the theft stand at 37 minutes, and with the average value of cars stolen in excess of £40,000, owners of premium cars need to ensure they are protecting their investment.”

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More about Cobra

A leader in the provision of security, safety and telematics solutions for the automotive and insurance industries, Cobra is a Tier One partner to the main European and Asian car, commercial vehicle and motorcycle manufacturers, developing bespoke solutions for both factory and aftermarket installation. It has a worldwide network of around 40 local commercial partners.

Cobra has been providing vehicle manufacturers with class leading products for line-fit since the 1970s. Its current product range includes: Cobra Alarms and Immobilisers, Cobra Parking Sensors, CobraTrak Stolen Vehicle Tracking, NSV Bluetooth® Handsfree Systems (compatible with all Bluetooth® enabled handsets), Rear View Reversing Cameras and Monitors, Cruise Control and Speed Limiters.

Cobra also provides a range of telematics solutions to vehicle manufacturers, logistics providers and insurance companies. This includes providing the technology to power a number of Pay-as-you-Drive policies and Pay-How-You-Drive policies. These monitor driving dynamics and behaviour and charge accordingly, thus providing significant savings to responsible drivers.

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