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27 January2014



  • Bodyfire brand is a fitness and nutrition platform providing Informed Sport and Informed Choice approved natural supplements, nutritional products and fitness training programmes
  • Set-up and run by professional rugby player James Haskell after he failed to find  an effective pre-training supplement he could take within the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency)  guidelines
  • Company is seeking £200,000 in Crowdcube funding to support development, growth and evolution of the brand
  • 200,000 shares available at £1 per share
  • £110,000 already invested in young business showing real promise

After 10 years of working as a professional sportsman with some of the best coaches, fitness and nutritional trainers in the world, professional rugby player James Haskell* launched Bodyfire, as a centre of excellence, information and guidance for all those enthusiasts, gym users and people looking to change their lifestyle and learn more about all things fitness, training, health and nutrition. James has a hands-on, purpose led approach, which enables him to reach and engage with some of the leading experts in their chosen fields to deliver dynamic, yet sensible and practical, help and guidance.

Bodyfire launched in 2013 with initial investment of £110,000. The business has gone from strength to strength in the last nine months, introducing an already award winning  pre-trainer supplement range, Angry Squirrel coffee and a nutritional coconut oil in addition to its own TV Channel.

The company is now looking to Crowdcube to attract like-minded investors and raise additional funds. This investment will help to create further products, increase marketing spend, launch NHS rehabilitation courses, grow the ACTIVE fitness side of the business, introduce a distribution process for planned retail expansion and set up a number of Bodyfire gyms around the country.

Bodyfire’s revenue prediction for 2014 is an impressive £250,000 and its five year plan sees this growing to £9.5million by 2019. The company’s immediate focus is its comprehensive 24 month plan and building on its current achievements.

“Our 24 month plan is firmly about establishing and solidifying all we have achieved in Year One. We want to bring our products fully to market, develop the website as a centre of excellence and a point of reference and assistance with sustained online sales of our products and packages.

It will be a period of controlled and considered expansion for the business into areas we know, have identified and in which we already have traction and resonance,” says James Haskell, Founder, Bodyfire.  

“This sector is ripe for investment as the protein supplement industry is currently worth over £250million in the UK. Crowdcube was a sensible investment option for us and will hopefully help us build on our solid foundations to reach our 2019 revenue goals and business objectives. We are confident in attracting like-minded investors to join us on the next stage of this exciting journey.”


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Editor’s notes:

Crowdcube is a revolutionary platform for UK entrepreneurs to raise business finance via equity Crowdfunding. By tapping into a 'crowd' of like-minded individuals who are willing to invest directly in exchange for equity, entrepreneurs can access funds that have, until now, been hidden away or controlled by VCs or Business Angels. Equity Crowdfunding is the new way to finance business growth and Crowdcube is leading the charge.

*James plays for London Wasps and England.

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