Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas

After a long day of desk sides, emails and phone calls (in and amongst all the practical and creative aspects of our jobs), what better way for an event nerd and networking guru, than myself and Amy to unwind in the hustle and bustle of trendy Shoreditch. Shoreditch is bountiful with bars and restaurants, and if you ask me… it’s a pretty hip and happening place (yes, I know, I just used the word ‘hip’).

Now… the tube has never been my favourite mode of transport and needless to say, it will never be. So, after three packed (very sweaty) trains and an hour and a half commute, we came out of the tube station at our destination to an abundance of lights, music and gaggles of chic but cool, hipster human beings.

Blank Canvas is a venue management company that specialises in unique spaces for events, and as we paced it to the venue, we quickly realised how unique it was. It was only when we were approached by a man outside (sounds strange, but yes that is exactly what happened) that we knew we had arrived! We were ushered in, and met by a lovely lady who took our names, coats and pointed us in the direction of the cocktails. We liked her a lot…

I pride myself on not being fussy with food or drink but it is not until I am served an offering of a Buffalo Ricotta Croustade, Fresh Pea, Broad Bean & Lemon canapé and cocktails that included Campari, that I took a step back and realised maybe I am slightly particular. However, I was assured by my esteemed colleague that they were delicious!

The other cocktails that we received were amazing, in fact, I would go as far as to say that they were the best I have ever had. The dessert which involved a chocolate ganache cup with gold leaf was divine! We definitely had more than our daily allowance in calories but who’s counting, not me!

The venue itself, looked very basic at first glance. However, it did what it said on the tin, blank canvas. As you walk in to the mysteriously placed building, you are brought into a registration and smaller networking area with a bar. But little did we know there was a whole depth of space below.

We gingerly made our way down the stairs, not knowing to expect (after sampling every cocktail on offer) and were flabbergasted at the space below. We were greeted by a DJ playing cool chatting music and a barman at the end with more cocktails on offer! The room was lit up and decorated with a few colourful scatter cushions and places to sit. It looked amazing! Instantly Amy and I started to imagine what we could do with the space; the ideas and possibilities were endless.

We networked and chatted to all the guests during the evening and built up an extensive list of contacts! Blank canvas put on a fantastic event and really showcased what you can do with an empty space. We can’t wait for the next one.

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