Beth's work experience

Beth's work experience

In August I successfully completed two weeks of work experience at Nobull communications and as I enjoyed it so much I decided to come back and do more. Yes, I even enjoyed the early morning starts, and as a university student getting out of bed was a real challenge.

I have enjoyed putting what would otherwise be lazy days watching TV, much to my mother's dismay to practical use. Amongst other skills, using photoshop and putting my somewhat creative mind to use by generating blogger style Instagram photos containing product for clients.

In addition, I also now know everything there is to know about digestion and gut health as one of the products I was helping out with was called BioHappy. This is an improvement to my own knowledge as when I go back to university I will be the epitome of health, hopefully.

Above all, the welcoming and friendly atmosphere of Nobull has been brilliant. There is always tea and cake on tap and I'm pretty sure I've gained 10 pounds (which will be great for the coming winter months).

Excel has never been one of my strong points, by with the patience and perseverance of the Nobull team the level of my computer 'illiteracy' skills have been improved massively. This is great progress for me because I will no longer have to send a gingerly worded email to someone in the office to come and help me when I've done something wrong.

Overall, I have to say that I will miss the Nobull team massively. Thank you to everyone who looked after me and I hopefully will be seeing you all soon!

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