Beaverbrook Hotel Exclusive Preview

Beaverbrook Hotel Exclusive Preview

he Beaverbrook Estate, steeped in history dating back to 1866. With its most well-known owner being Lord Beaverbrook, Winston Churchill's very close friend and was one of the most affluent men in 20th Century Britain. He was not only a kingmaker, but a powerbroker and sometimes mischief maker, Lord Beaverbrook was a consummate politician and a publicist of limitless energy.

Steve and I, were lucky enough to attend this exclusive preview of this fabulous venue and hotel at the end of September. We were greeted by valet parking, which Steve was well accustomed to whereas I had never seen anything of the sort (Ah the sweet smell of fresh university graduate was in the air!) The evening weather turned out to be perfect for canapes, champagne and cocktails on the terrace, which was perfectly picturesque and fitted well in to our Instagram feed (@nobullcomms – take a look, the view was spectacular).

The venue consists of the main house, the garden house and the coach house cottages and from what Steve and I saw on our tour of the house, the accommodation is very well equipped. I mean, the bedrooms were the same size as the whole downstairs of my house! They even had their own living room area. The rooms were decadently decorated with what seemed to be a ‘no expense spared’ attitude and as we were wandering through the house the history came alive.

We entered Winston Churchill’s quarters only to find that ther were stairs down to the bathroom and where the shower now stands, would have been his secret escape route that led out into the servants’ quarters. He also had a private and very well-hidden runway built in the grounds, this was so he could fly his personal spitfire in and out of Lord Beaverbrook’s estate undetected.

Churchill insisted on having a space in between the bath tub and the sink, this was so a chair could be placed in the middle of the two. The chair would be for his secretary, as Churchill was famously known for carrying out his dictation whilst in the bath (what a sight that would have been!).

So, if you have a pretty quarter of a million pounds in your bank account, feel free to purchase a membership to the estate’s private golf course. I am definitely going to be batting my eyelids at my dad on the day that I get engaged. THE perfect wedding venue and the ultimate destination for a luxury weekend away (she says counting her pennies).

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