• Molluscum contagiosum is most prevalent in pre-schoolers, mainly children under 15 years.
  • MolluDab® has been successfully prescribed in Germany and Europe for several years.
  • No previous treatment for the condition, which can last 12-18 months and can result in scarring.
  • Treatment should be undertaken for two weeks only and is effective within 1-5 weeks.

As the name suggests Molluscum contagiosum is a highly contagious viral skin infection, commonly known as water warts. Molluscum contagiosum occurs most frequently in children and young adults; however it can affect people of any age.

There is now a fast working solution called MolluDab® distributed by Alliance Pharmaceuticals in the UK. MolluDab® is available on prescription and over the counter from pharmacists across the UK. It comes with a sophisticated micro-groove applicator that’s precise and easy to use and protects healthy skin. Simply dab it onto the molluscum bumps twice a day.


Alliance Pharmaceuticals is currently educating GPs and parents about the introduction of MolluDab® as an effective treatment for Molluscum contagiosum. The condition presents as a rash on the skin with easily recognised small (2-6mm) dome-like shiny pimples, which are often grouped together.

A large UK general-practice survey reported that the annual incidence of cases of Molluscum contagiosum in children under 15 years of age was 1,265/100,000 and 90% of reported cases occurred in children under 15, with the maximum incidence in pre-schoolers aged 1-4 years*.

Prior to the introduction of the MolluDab® treatment, which has been hugely successful in Germany and Europe for several years, GPs in the UK had no licensed topical treatment to offer patients and the condition often took 12-18 months to clear on its own.

MolluDab® breaks down the skin cells that encase the virus to enable the immune system to recognise the virus and respond to it. After around 4-6 days of treatment, the immune system mounts an ‘inflammatory reaction’ to Molluscum contagiosum. Once this inflammatory response has cleared the virus, the skin can begin healing. Treatment should last for no more than 14 days, with healing occurring between 1-5 weeks after cessation of treatment.

The rash caused by the Molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV) is spread through close personal contact with someone who is affected (by sharing towels, flannels, or clothing, for example). The incubation period lasts a few weeks after which point the spots appear. Once one area of skin is affected the rash can spread to other areas of the skin through transfer of the virus (touching spots, scratching, or on clothing). The condition tends to be more common and extensive in people who suffer from atopic eczema. In adults Molluscum contagiosum can be spread from person to person by sexual contact. For a guide on minimising the spread of molluscum contagiosum, please go to the treatment section of the MolluDab® website.

MolluDab® can be purchased online from or over the counter at leading independent pharmacies and some national pharmacy chains throughout the UK. MolluDab® is also available on prescription from your GP. MolluDab® has only recently become available in the UK. Your doctor or chemist may not yet be fully aware of it, so downloading and taking the MolluDab Ordering Information Leaflet to them may help.



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*Pannell RS, Fleming DM and Cross KW. The incidence of molluscum contagiosum, scabies and lichen planus. Epidemiol. Infect. 2005, 133. 985-991

Editors’ notes:

Alliance Pharmaceuticals Ltd is actively recruiting patient advocates for the MolluDab® treatment. To be involved please contact

MolluDab® treatment should last for no more than 14 days, with healing occurring between 1-5 weeks after cessation of treatment.

Do not use MolluDab® in infants and young children under 2 years of age.

Patients should discard the bottle 30 days after being opened.

If purchased OTC RRP is £22.55.

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