A week’s work experience at Nobull Communications

Hi everyone! My name is Charlotte, I live in Buckinghamshire and I’m studying for a degree in Business Management at Kingston University. In order to gain experience into the Marketing world, I am currently on a week’s work experience placement at Nobull Communications! Alongside studying, my hobbies include and cheerleading with the University team, shopping and seeing my friends.

I am now coming to the end of my third year and university experience, which is both stressful and exciting. Over the next few months students everywhere will be feeling the pressure through exams and applying for graduate jobs. However it is incredibly exhilarating to finally start moving away from essays, exams and coursework and move on with the next stage in life, whatever it may be.

Throughout university I have experienced a wide range of career options within the Business subject, from Accounting to Psychology, however I chose to maintain Marketing due to how much I enjoyed it (and the higher grades!). When the opportunity to gain a week’s experience in a ‘Social Media, PR and Events’ company became available, I was incredibly happy, as it meant I could learn more about the world of PR, which I knew very little about. It also meant I could see how events, press releases and social media can heavily influence the success of a company!

Throughout my time at Nobull I have been set a number of important tasks for particular clients, varying from researching bloggers to cost spreadsheets for promotional items. However I have also learnt about different social media platforms and the overall way the team care and look after their clients. Other examples include packaging and sending products out to journalists, bloggers and competition winners from social media. Also obtaining contact details to target influential bloggers and email addresses for newspapers. Charnos, DGJ, Richard Ward and BodyFire are all companies I have done tasks for, learning the various communication methods required to make people more aware of them and maintaining a great reputation.

Gaining experience at Nobull has given me an insight into the industry and made me realise how incredibly important social networks are now to a company! Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest allow the company to communicate with it audience, ensuring that any issues are dealt with directly (between message accounts) and allows you to get the product noticed much more by the target audience. I personally didn’t realise social networking had changed so much and the amount of work needed to maintain it successfully. Nobull is great for this as they monitor each network constantly, responding to messages and updating the page with information and competitions to look out for.

I am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity, as it has taught me a huge amount and made me consider exactly what job role I would like to go into. With a fun and positive atmosphere, everyone has made me feel incredibly welcome so I highly recommend others coming for experience here or using Nobull to work with your company. It is very clear the huge lengths they will go to achieve results and the level of creativity they implement for a particular client through events, competitions and promotional activities etc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Nobull and gained industry experience with some lovely people. Thank you very much for having me!