A day in the life of a Nobull Account Executive…

I often find myself being quizzed by others about what PR actually is and what my job role entails. My friend’s perceptions of what my job role is varies from those who think I hand out flyers outside nightclubs, to those who think I spend my days sipping champagne and attending wild parties, well thankfully the first perception is utterly wrong -the latter is vaguely true, but only on  Thursdays!

In all honestly it's hard to define my day to day routine, my role varies daily depending on what clients I'm working on and what results need achieving, first and foremost my main goal is to achieve the desired results of the client.

Luckily, I think I get to work on some of the loveliest clients Nobull has to offer, being a girly girl I love my beauty products and always try and stay preened from head to toe, so it helps that two of my main clients are some of the best hair care brands on the market, Richard Ward The Chelsea Collection and DGJ Organics – products which must work as Steve tells me daily that I have “nice hair”. There is a lot of fun to be had with these brands which helps a lot when writing press releases and providing social media content for each, one of my favourite things to do is to write so it’s a pleasure to work in a role where I can write about things I’m passionate about.

Media relations is a huge part of my role and most definitely one of my favourites, it gets me out of the office and putting products directly in the hands of some of the most influential journalists in the UK. One of the main things I enjoy about media relations is the results, it’s a great feeling knowing that you’ve helped to get products featured in some of the UK’s biggest publications.

Fashion is a hobby of mine, I love the way it’s ever changing and always in demand. I am one of the biggest shopaholics on this planet which Allan, the local ASOS delivery driver can confirm! I am fortunate enough to work with Charnos Hosiery, one of the UK’s oldest and well-loved hosiery brands. Working with Charnos means I have to keep up to date with all trends, as soon as I see a trend arising I need to make journalists and consumers aware that Charnos can cater to their style needs.

I get to work across a vast range of clients which I love as it means my days are never tedious. I’m an extremely creative person with a over active imagination so I love to get involved with all aspects of the business, including brainstorms for all clients, together the Nobull team can come up with some marvellous ideas!

CIPR define PR as “Public Relations is about reputation - the result of what you do, what you say and what others say about you.” There are a whole host of PR definitions out there however, I feel this one sums us up best! Whether I’m out of the office doing media relations, drafting press releases or out on a work shindig, we are always working towards ensuring ourselves and our clients have the best reputations around! 

By Olivia Sealy - @OliviaSealy (tweet tweet)