8 Out of 10 Cats

By Kally Carder

On Thursday myself and the lovely @doublewoo ventured to the depths of Pinewood studios to be part of the audience for 8 Out of 10 Cats. After quite a bit of hanging around, in a marquee which wouldn’t have looked out of place at 3am after a raucous wedding, we were herded into the studio.

The programme airs next Monday I believe (7th April) so look away now if you don’t want to know who was on the panel! The One Show presenter and Welsh wonder Alex Jones joined Canadian comedienne Katherine Ryan on Sean Lock’s team while the delicious Jon Richardson hosted the Last Leg’s Josh Widdecombe and Spencer Matthews from the so-bad-it- is- good Made in Chelsea.

We had a great guy ‘warming up’ the crowd prior to filming starting. He picked on one poor unwitting student called Cameron sat just behind us. He managed to establish that Cameron was 18 and single, he’d had his heartbroken twice, most recently by his ex-girlfriend Josephine. Poor Cameron. Then Jimmy Carr arrived and had a bit of banter with the audience before Jon and Sean entered the studio. Sean admired Jon’s rust coloured cardigan, Jon thanked him and said it was a gift from his new girlfriend Josephine. That was very quick witted!

Even though I started out in television right at the beginning of my career, I never worked on shows filmed with live audiences so it was really interesting to see just how much effort, time and resource goes into producing just one 30 minute TV show. From the many, many security guards employed to usher cars through the entrance at Pinewood to the make-up artists, cameramen, sound recordists, producers and of course the presenters and guests,  it is a mammoth production!

We were in the studio for over two hours and the editors will currently be cutting out the dud jokes (weren’t many), mistakes (could count them on one hand) and comments too rude to broadcast (quite a few!) I’m intrigued to see what makes the cut.

Be sure to tune in to see if you can make out my infamous cackle, thankfully we were sat behind the cameras so no chance of spotting us!