3 Reasons why your blog isn’t getting traffic!

3 Reasons why your blog isn’t getting traffic!

Companies with an active blog get five times more traffic than companies without. If you’re posting regularly, it gives your existing visitors a reason to keep coming back. If the content is good, those visitors might share your content with others. You’ll pick up some referral traffic and search engines love it.

When they are done right, blogs bring in traffic. So, why is it that some blogs seem to bring in lead after lead while others drift into obscurity?

Here are 3 reasons why blogs fail and what you can do to avoid falling into the same traps.

1.No-one knows about it

Blog posts need promoting. Just like you wouldn’t open a shop in the middle of the desert and expert people to just start arriving, it’s no good posting an article and hoping for visitors to stumble across it.

You need to get the ball rolling with a new blog post and one of the best ways to do this is with social media. Share it with your followers, find conversations on the subject that you can get involved with, and email any subscribers to let them know.

Once the post starts to build momentum, you can relax, but it needs that initial investment.

2.No-one can find it

Ok, so you’ve let all your followers know about your latest article, you posted some links around the web and people have started to share it.

If you haven’t made the content search engine friendly, it will fall flat once you stop promoting it. Good content should be able to deliver visitors long after it was posted.

Make sure it has some relevant keywords, that the page isn’t blocked and that you are linking to it from within your website.

If you aren’t sure what you need to be doing, cast an eye over our 5 free SEO Checks

3.No-one cares about the subject

You might have an awesome product and the best company in the world but that’s not what visitors want to hear about. Imagine your blog as a conversation. If someone was constantly selling to you or saying how great they were, you’d soon get bored of talking to them.

Treat your blog the same. Everyone’s favourite subject is themselves so write things from the visitor’s perspective. Make it something fun, or something you think that they would be interested in reading about. Instead of another “buy our stuff” post, try a review of the product or post a video showing how the product works.


If you want your blog to be read make sure it’s interesting and written for the visitor, not just for the business. If you are getting traffic at the moment, look back to see which articles engaged with readers the most and try for more of the same.

Optimise the page for search engines and then promote it.