Sometimes preparing for a holiday requires taking a week off beforehand to get ready for it. Your to do list is endless; change currency, get a pedicure, get waxed and of course, have your hair done! However in the real world we don’t all have the time to take a week off so we have to turn our hand to DIY! Don’t fret, Richard Ward The Chelsea Collection holds the answers to all your hair woes!

For beautiful beach hair think pre-holiday, during and post-holiday, if you’re serious about having the best tresses on the beach then treat your hair to a treatment!

Pre-Holiday – it’s the night before, you’re packed and ready to go, but your hair’s looking pretty dull? Treat your hair to an ultra-moisturising intensive rejuvenating treatment, the longer it’s left the better, if you have five minutes in the shower your locks will look lush, however overnight in cling film will give you the silkiest hair you’ve ever felt!

Holiday – After a day at the beach and a head full of sand we want a shampoo and conditioner that will clean our hair whilst giving us a sleek style and easy to manage style. Cue the Keratin Sleek shampoo and conditioner, smoothing and de-frizzing, offering you hydration and gloss! 

Post-holiday – Not only are we feeling blue, but your hair might be looking it to, the Keratin Luminiser will clarify and brighten your hair enhancing its natural goodness and colour!

Richard Ward: The Chelsea Collection is distributed by Medichem.

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