Exams are over and summer is imminent, the next big thing is of course prom! You’ve got the dress - check, hired the limo – check, got a date – check, ginormous spot – check. This is a checklist no teen wants in the run up to their prom. FaceB4, the UK’s most effective anti-bacterial face wash and after cleansing rejuvenating serum is at hand to prevent those pesky untimely breakouts!

This new efficacious skincare regime comprises an independently clinically proven anti-bacterial face wash, which is a combined cleanser/toner with a dermatologically tested formula that kills bacteria – FaceB4 has been tested against all rival brands**and has proved more effective at killing spot-causing bacteria than any other face wash sold in the UK.

With acne affecting 95% of the western teenage population teenagers are always on the lookout desperately seeking a miracle product that actually works. 99%* of Independent Testers said they noticed an improvement in the appearance of their skin since using FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam and After Cleansing Serum  whilst 97%* of Independent Testers said they were happier with the condition of their skin since using FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam and After Cleansing Serum.

This simple yet effective unique two-stage regime has been independently tested to work on all skin types.  Dr Sarah Brewer MSc (Nutr Med), MA (Cantab), MB, BChir, RNutr, MBANTexplains:  “Many people are unhappy with currently available facial cleansers as, although they claim to reduce spots, they often don’t work as well as expected. FaceB4 is likely to be the answer. This new, exciting, clinically-proven facial care system is made up of two parts. The first step consists of an anti-bacterial face wash (combined cleanser/toner) that kills bacteria to prevent spot and blemish breakouts. The second step consists of a rejuvenating, vitamin-enriched serum to soothe the skin. It can be used on its own for mild to moderate acne, and can also be combined with prescribed oral treatments such as antibiotics, if these prove necessary.” 


So don’t let a breakout stop you from celebrating the end of school for you this Prom season, and definitely make sure that you look your best in those special photos - start preparing now with FaceB4!

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